Meet the Owner


Meet the proprietor of Shop All Daye, Natalie Sutor Schauf. She is 29 years old, married with a beautiful baby girl Harper Day Schauf. Natalie and her husband, Bennett, met in 2010 while studying at LSU. They chose to return to Tensas Parish and make their home on Lake Bruin. Her passion has always been in retail, she brings with her over 10 years in buying and management. She always wanted to have her own store and wanted to bring something to a community that has welcomed her with open arms. "I wanted to bring unique, fashion-forward pieces all at a great price," stated Natalie. The name Shop all Daye came from Natalie's daughter, Harper Day. Day is a family name from her husband's name, and Daye is the original French spelling before the E was dropped and became Day.